distruptive photonics, femtosecond laser, fiber bragg gratings, FBG, fiber lasers, monolithic fiber lasers

LUMOSCRIBE LTD is an R&D company located in Cyprus that specializes in the development of custom-made optical fibre sensors, and monolithic fibre lasers, whilst also working on niche optical sensing solutions using Artificial Intelligence.

Femtosecond Laser Inscription Technology

LUMOSCRIBE LTD and Cyprus University of Technology become strategic partners, and our company has the exclusive access to IP related to FBG inscription.

The particular IP offers high controllability over FBG inscription, which is critical for monolithic fiber lasers and optical fiber sensors in specialised materials.

Our team, many of them PhD holders, are working in partnership with our customers to provide the highest quality of service and technical expertise.

Our VISION is to be a leading optical sensing and fiber laser company, providing high-value services, and Intelligent sensing solutions.

Our portfolio includes

– Bragg gratings operating for wavelengths > 3.5 μm
– High reflectivity Bragg in earth-doped fibres for monolithic fiber laser systems,
– Tilted Bragg gratings for polarisation maintaining and plasmonic sensing
– Apodised, Uniform, and Chirped FBGs
– Chriped gratings, Long period gratings
– Carbon coated FBGs
– Waveguides, cladding interferometric optical devices
– Inscriptions in microstructure POFs
– Bragg grating arrays in low-loss polymer fibers
– Bragg gratings in Silicon fibers

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