Advanced Concrete Optical Remote Sensors (ACOReS)

Funding agency: Research Promotion Foundation


Grant number: START-UPS/0618/0032

Duration: 05/2019 – 07/2020

Partners: Cyprus University of Technology, University of Cyprus

Abstract: Significant amount of public funds in Cyprus are allocated for civil infrastructure construction and maintenance. As the technology progresses, coupled with the need to increase the general safety of structures and citizens, the civil infrastructures require to become “smart” by incorporating sensing technologies. Monitoring the health of civil infrastructures with sensors can provide continuous and real-time information regarding any abnormal states or damage on the structures and offer advice for maintenance and reconstruction. The monitoring system can be installed in various critical civil structures such as bridges, dams, tunnels, power plants, historical monuments and geostructures. The impact of self-aware infrastructure will lead to transformations in the approaches to design and construction as well as step changes in improved health and productivity, greater efficiency in design and performance, a low-carbon society and sustainable urban planning and management. An essential parameter to assess the health condition in concrete structures is the internal moisture. Moisture fluctuations in concrete are linked with the concrete deterioration mechanisms, such as carbonation, frost, corrosion and crack formation. The moisture levels are measured indirectly by monitoring the relative humidity (RH). In this project proposal, we offer a solution by developing a novel monitoring system based on optical fibre sensors embedded in concrete structures. The proposed sensors will monitor RH and other essential parameters, such as temperature and strain. The developed prototype system will provide high added value in the construction industry, which is one of the priority areas according the Smart Specialization Strategy for Cyprus.

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