Fluoride monolithic mid-infrared optical laser sources (LUMiOS)

Funding agency: Research Promotion Foundation


Grant number: POST-DOC/0718(sp. ext.)/0003

Duration: 10/2019 – 02/2022

Partners: Cyprus University of Technology, Mirage Photonics, Institute of Photonics and Electronics (UFE Prague)

Abstract: In this project proposal, we will develop monolithic high-efficiency fibre lasers for operation in mid-infrared wavelength range and particularly at 3.5 μm. The gratings will be inscribed directly inside to the active fluoride fibre using a new patented (CUT) femtosecond laser inscription method, which according to the latest scientific reporting results looks very promising for the development of monolithic fibre laser devices. The inscription method offers high controllability on the optical characteristics of the FBGs, to minimise the additional losses typical of this type of inscription process, while special attention will be given to improving the power slope efficiency of the laser. To address this, the Young Researcher will work in collaboration with Mirage Photonics, a company from Australia, who are experts in fibre lasers and published a new patent related to the pumping method of the lasers that can improve the power slope efficiency by more than eight times. Thus two patented technologies will be combined to support the efforts of this proposal and produce high-efficiency continuous wave and mode-locked lasers for gas detection and pollution measurements.

> Project Coordinator

> Principal Investigator