Waveguide Optical Sensors using Femtosecond lasers (WSOF)

Funding agency: Research Promotion Foundation

Grant number:  INNOVOUCHER/1217/0164

Abstract: Uniform, in-core FBGs have shown high sensitivity to environmental parameters, such as temperature and strain. However, their location in the fibre core is too far from the cladding/air interface to interact and detect the presence and properties of materials surrounding the optical fibre. Transmission sensors, such as tilted Bragg gratings (TFBGs) and long period gratings (LPGs) that couple light to the cladding and beyond, are used to make refractive index measurements. However, there is a fundamental need for refractive index sensors that operate in reflection, with an impact on chemical and biological measures, for which the analysis of refractive index can be related with the different diseases. Moreover, it applies to gas measurements, distinguishing minute differences in refractive index. With this Innovation Voucher, we foresee to develop and characterize optical waveguide sensors in the cladding of glass optical fibres for applications in biomedical and gas sensing areas.

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